Hear ye, hear ye! Special meeting called!

We have SO much going on that we felt it was necessary to call a special meeting!  I’m sure you’ll be seeing meeting minutes posted here in the next few days, but I wanted to share our excitement with you all!  The meeting was called to discuss upcoming events (some of which are posted in the events tab of our Facebook Community Page).  We had a VERY productive meeting and all left feeling like we had checked several items off of our “things to accomplish” list!  We discussed our FOL mailer (those of you in the Catoosa area, keep an eye out for it to appear in your mailbox very soon!).  
Here are some sneak previews of the mailer.

Then we dusted off our grammar hats and wrote our very own Mission Statement!  We are VERY excited about that!

We even discussed final details our first ever “Whale of a Tale” Arts & Crafts Sale Artist Application!  If you are crafty and would like more information on participating in our event, please email us with your contact information and we will be glad to forward an application.

The final items the list were our upcoming Cultural Events.  Clear your Saturdays — we will be having Jewelry and Basketweaving Lessons!  Check the event tab for event details.  If you would like to RSVP, please email us with your contact information.

Well, those are just a few things we discussed.  I hope to be getting some pictures of our meetings and such to post here. 

We hope you are enjoying what you see.  Expect to see lots of educational and entertaining events added to our calendar!  Feel free to ask questions and post comments.  We are more than happy to do a little digging if need be to provide answers and learning opportunities!


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