Friends of Catoosa Public Library Foundation MEETING MINUTES November 17, 2011

Friends of Catoosa Public Library Foundation
November 17, 2011
Meeting Called to Order at 6:10 p.m
Roll Call         Board Members present: Becky Jones, Kat Bolen, Joetta Russell, and Judy Ross
(quorum is present)
                        Board Members absent: Carol Wyatt,
                        Other Friends & vistors: see attached sign in sheet.
Greet any new members and welcome them: None
Before we begin
a.       Please stick to the agenda items and not jump subjects. 
b.      If you have something to say, please take turns, one at a time and make a note so that you do not forget.
c.       Previously there was a question about motions and voting…only the board can make motions and vote.
d.      Please be at meeting prepared, with all relevant items and copies at 6:00 p.m.
e.       Please take notes of Tasks or To Do items you are to be responsible for.
f.       Emails
                                                              i.      It is your responsibility, as the receiver
                                                            ii.      To respond should you have any questions or concerns about that email at the time.
                                                          iii.      To read over the email items, agenda, content.
                                                          iv.      Those with their name and email on meeting sign in sheet are CC minutes, agenda, updates, etc. from the Secretary.
                                                            v.      If no errors are sent from “Postmaster”, it shall be assumed the email was received.
Read and approve minutes. (form signed minutes received & reviewed via email see attached sheet)  Minutes
provided for anyone who had not seen minutes via email.  Motion to approve – Kathryn Bolen, Second – Joetta Russell
Forms             Request for funds, Fundraiser/event request, MEETING Sign in sheet, Evaluation of
Fundraiser/event, VOLUNTEER sign in sheet
Treasurer’s Report Judy Ross  see attached  Motion to approve – Joetta Russell, second – Kathryn Bolen
a.       990 post card due will take care of by November 15 and provide proof. – DONE
Craft Fair report in progress
Masons           Will be matching $1000 of our funds.  Becky Jones went over to collect check this evening,
November 17, 2011.
Events/Fundraisers (clear your calendars for these dates)
a.       Trying to get a list of advertisers’ emails for one touch sending and easy access.
b.      Hometown Halloween – went over well, interested in this event for next year, need to better prepare.
c.       Parade – NO
d.      Breakfast with Santa, December 10,  7 a.m. – 11 a.m.
                                                              i.      Full Breakfast $5
                                                            ii.      Decorations – Kathryn Bolen and Becky Jones (Janie Ducotey will bring our Christmas Tree)
                                                          iii.      Collect money – Judy Ross and Debbie Self (cash register – Kathryn Bolen)
                                                          iv.      Need Santa – Becky Jones checking with Alan Phillips
                                                            v.      Need volunteers for setup/cleanup 7:00 a.m. Janie Ducoety; 11:00 a.m. Becky Jones, Joetta Russell
                                                          vi.      Sale tickets ahead?
                                                        vii.      Vendors? Go against our casual sale tax? Judy/Kat checking on.
e.       Book sale April 6 – 13 – Discuss further in November
                                                              i.      National Library Week is April 8 – 14
                                                            ii.      Saturday, April 7 kicking off with _____? This was not discussed in detail  Motion to approve kick off date Joetta Russell, second Judy Ross
                                                          iii.      BOOK DRIVE the month of December, FOL will take full responsibility of dropping off boxes and collecting books, and going through them all.
f.       Other events tossed in the hat: spaghetti dinner, chili dinner, bean dinner, spring art show, art walk, fall art show.
g.      Sonic possible fundraiser – need two weeks notice. – We did not discuss this.
Classes            Tutoring November 15 – Janie Riddle doing evaluation on her class.
Couponing, Carrie with Coupon Closet, November 19, 2011, 10 a.m. to 12 p.
Social Media class scheduled for?  Have not decided to go ahead with this as of yet.
Community Center reserved for:
g.      Breakfast with Santa on December 10
h.      Book sale kick off, Saturday, April 7? 
Grants            COTTA we will find out about in January
Other grants found?  Anyone have time to help search?  None at this time.
Email sent from Carol classes offered at Tulsa City-County Library
                                                              i.      Thursday, November 17 “Grant Writing Basics” (today) Joetta attended
Librarian Report Janie Ducotey stated she did not have anything to report at this time.  Working on Summer
Reading Program.  Approved to give her $5000 to work with.
Committees Discuss in November WE DID NOT DISCUSS
Movie License Table to January
No New or Old Business.
B.A.D. Meetings – changed to SECOND Thursday of each month at 6:30 p.m.
November – cancelled due to lack of participation for November.
                                                              i.      we are going to read Love, Lucy by Lucille Ball. 
                                                            ii.      This is the only biography that Lucille Ball wrote about her life. 
                                                          iii.      She wrote it back in 64, but did not publish it because she did not want to hurt Desi.  It was found among her papers after her death and published then.  It has received very good reviews out on Amazon.    
                                                          iv.      We are going to meet for dinner at Louie’s on Lynn Lane in BAD
                                                            v.      We thought we would read on old favorite Christmas story – A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens
                                                          vi.      Dinner is at Charleston’s in BA
                                                        vii.       Bring a book that you enjoyed reading or want to read for the annual book gift exchange
Meeting Adjourned at 8:30 p.m. 

B.A.D. (Books and Dinner) Book Club Meetings

Season’s Greetings to One and All
Last night the BAD Girls gathered at the Charleston in Broken Arrow to discuss Charles Dickens’s  A Christmas Carol and exchange books.  It was a nice evening and if you weren’t there you WERE missed. 
We discussed making a few changes with the group for next year.  We are going to change the date that we get together.  We will no longer be meeting the first Thursday of each month, but instead meeting the third Tuesday so if you’re like me and have BAD Girls as a reoccurring meeting on your calendar on your computer you will need to change it.
However we are going to start in January with an exception to the new day.
January – We’re going to meet on Saturday, Jan 14th for lunch and tea at the Belvidere Mansion in Claremore.  We are reading short stories by O’Henry.  Find a favorite and share it with the group.  Time for lunch will be determined before the date.
Feb – We are meeting on Feb 21st at the Catoosa community center for a pot luck dinner and discussion of favorite romances.  We are reading Prince Charming by Julie Garwood.  So plan to spend an after Valentine’s Day evening with the BAD Girls.
March – we are meeting March 20th to discuss The End of Molasses Classes by Ron Clark. We will be gathering at Louie’s Bar and Grill on Lynn Lane in Broken Arrow just north of the BA Highway.
Remember if you read something that you simple want to share the title with the rest of us – please do.  We all love good recommendations of others.