Thank You!

To our 6th Annual Whale of a Tale Sale Vendors, Volunteers, Sponsors, Newspapers, Channel 8 Good Morning Tulsa and Guests:


Thank you all for making this event GREAT!  Because of you the Friends of the Catoosa Library Foundation cleared over $1,000 which helps with the Library’s Summer Reading Program as well as other programs throughout the year.  Your participation is what made our day a success!!


&   We were impressed with you Vendors:  your items, booths and pleasant personalities.  Without YOU, we on the Friends of Catoosa Library Foundation could not provide a delightful day of shopping for our guests.


&   To our Volunteers:  Thank you so much for helping whenever requested, no matter how difficult or menial, you were there.


&   To our Sponsors:  You donated gift certificates, prizes, money and more to make our event great.


&   To our Guests:  Thank you for taking time from your busy day and shopping at our event.


We wish to continue providing this worthwhile event in years to come and would appreciate your feedback.  What can we do in the future to make it more successful and fun for you?  Any and all suggestions will be appreciated.


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