2018 Whale of a Tale Vendor Call

2018 Whale of a Tale Sale is On!

It will be held from 10am to 3pm on October 27, 2018 at the Catoosa Community Center. We are currently seeking a variety of vendors to fill our sale.

You can access the vendor application here:
Vendor Application

Please contact us at catoosalibraryfriends@gmail.com if you need more information.

Thank you,
Friends of the Catoosa Public Library Foundation Board


DIY Home & Beauty Workshop!

DIY Home & Beauty Workshop!

What a fabulous workshop!

This surpassed our previous DIY workshop by leaps and bounds — which we thought was pretty spiffy in its own right!

The presenters were knowledgeable and topics flowed well with one another. Those attending were eager and attentive. At a couple of points we counted a dozen folks around the tables! The format of back to back workshops worked well in allowing folks to come and go with each segment as their schedule allowed without disrupting the flow. Not only was the attendance good, the presenters covered some really awesome stuff! For those of you that missed it, you missed out, for sure. We are already planning our next one! Sorry for all the exclamation points – we are just so excited! Overall, VERY pleased!

Thanks to everyone for coming out. And, a special thanks to Joetta, Chrystal, Rebecca and Kat for doing the presentations. You were very informative!

Hope to see YOU attending our NEXT workshop! Keep an eye on the event calender for upcoming events.

B.A.D. (Books and Dinner) Book Club Meetings

Season’s Greetings to One and All
Last night the BAD Girls gathered at the Charleston in Broken Arrow to discuss Charles Dickens’s  A Christmas Carol and exchange books.  It was a nice evening and if you weren’t there you WERE missed. 
We discussed making a few changes with the group for next year.  We are going to change the date that we get together.  We will no longer be meeting the first Thursday of each month, but instead meeting the third Tuesday so if you’re like me and have BAD Girls as a reoccurring meeting on your calendar on your computer you will need to change it.
However we are going to start in January with an exception to the new day.
January – We’re going to meet on Saturday, Jan 14th for lunch and tea at the Belvidere Mansion in Claremore.  We are reading short stories by O’Henry.  Find a favorite and share it with the group.  Time for lunch will be determined before the date.
Feb – We are meeting on Feb 21st at the Catoosa community center for a pot luck dinner and discussion of favorite romances.  We are reading Prince Charming by Julie Garwood.  So plan to spend an after Valentine’s Day evening with the BAD Girls.
March – we are meeting March 20th to discuss The End of Molasses Classes by Ron Clark. We will be gathering at Louie’s Bar and Grill on Lynn Lane in Broken Arrow just north of the BA Highway.
Remember if you read something that you simple want to share the title with the rest of us – please do.  We all love good recommendations of others.

Jewelry Making Class Fun!

Man oh man, what fun was had!  Our first jewelry making class and we had such a great turn-out that we had to add another table!

Quite an exciting group of ladies who were eager to learn!  Some even brought notepads and pencils for taking notes — they showed their student side for sure!

I’m sure everyone was anxious to get right to putting tools to wire, but there are SO many things to cover before we get to that point.

I hope I didn’t bore them too much.  Education up front saves a world of headaches and frustrations down the line.

Toni and Carol adding a bead for their wire-wrapped link

A few times going over the steps of making a wire-wrapped loop and we were ready to move on to adding a bead!

We added a bit of cord and fashioned a hand made clasp and were ready to hit the town with our new bracelets!

A few of the ladies showing off their creations!

I wish I had gotten pictures of all the ladies together with their bracelets and bright smiling faces.  We will have to work on that for NEXT class! 🙂

Rose Quartz, Copper, Dark Brown Leather Cord.
Created by Becky Jones

Rose Quartz, Copper, Dark Brown Leather Cord.
Created by Kathryn Bolen

Thanks to Joetta Russel and Pamela Burr for documenting our event through pictures!