Jewelry Making Class Fun!

Man oh man, what fun was had!  Our first jewelry making class and we had such a great turn-out that we had to add another table!

Quite an exciting group of ladies who were eager to learn!  Some even brought notepads and pencils for taking notes — they showed their student side for sure!

I’m sure everyone was anxious to get right to putting tools to wire, but there are SO many things to cover before we get to that point.

I hope I didn’t bore them too much.  Education up front saves a world of headaches and frustrations down the line.

Toni and Carol adding a bead for their wire-wrapped link

A few times going over the steps of making a wire-wrapped loop and we were ready to move on to adding a bead!

We added a bit of cord and fashioned a hand made clasp and were ready to hit the town with our new bracelets!

A few of the ladies showing off their creations!

I wish I had gotten pictures of all the ladies together with their bracelets and bright smiling faces.  We will have to work on that for NEXT class! 🙂

Rose Quartz, Copper, Dark Brown Leather Cord.
Created by Becky Jones

Rose Quartz, Copper, Dark Brown Leather Cord.
Created by Kathryn Bolen

Thanks to Joetta Russel and Pamela Burr for documenting our event through pictures!

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